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13 Winter Camping Gear List for the Geeky Travelers

Camping during winter is one seriously arduous task – especially if you are fond of enjoying the snow and ice and have found yourself an alluring place to fulfill your compulsions. Well, no need to worry because we got you covered with a complete list of winter travel gear that you will need on your camping expedition. There are certain things that you will need on any camping trip such as a camp or a torch or a sleeping bag but they don’t generally fit your needs if you are camping in winter. BEHOLD! We present you with the complete list of camping gear that you will need on your winter camping trip.

What to bring on camping in Winter?

Here is a comprehensive list of camping gear you need for your novel experience!

1. Mantoule Heated Sleeping Bag

You have all your clothing and jackets and stuff all over you during the day so you are all warm and cozy even in the Himalayas but what are you supposed to do at night? You can’t go to sleep with all the bombers you have been wearing all day.

Mantle heated sleeping bag is a must-take because it will keep you cozy at night. All thanks to the 5 heating pads they have put in it which can be powered with 10 Watts of output. This is literally any smartphone, power bank, or a car charger output. You have to take a sleeping bag anyway unless you are in for suicide. So why not take something that is custom-made to suit your needs.

2. Kingso Fire Pit

You will most probably burn some fire to keep warm in the evening and of course you, you will want to do some barbeque in the woods. Kingso 22’ Fire Pit can be your best partner to gather around for some chit chat and gossip. You can light the woods in it and place the gauze over it for protection.

How do you camp in extreme cold?

3. Zacro Camping Sleeping Pad

If you are on an expedition in the mountains like the ‘K2 Winter Summit’, you have nothing but snow and glacier all around you. You need something extra in addition to a heated sleeping bag. Well, the Zacro sleeping pad is made for the cause.
It helps to provide an extra layer of insulation from the cold hard ice ground. This sleeping pad comes in Nylon and composite TPU that provides extra strength and flexibility. The pad is an inflatable one and needs just 90 seconds to be ready. Next morning when you are up and ready to roll, deflate it, roll it into its bag and carry something as light as a water bottle. Isn’t it amazing!

4. Mr. Heater

Next up on our list is Mr. Heater which is a small and portable propane heater. Made of lightweight and strong materials like steel, plastic, and nickel provides a backup time of 3 hours that can easily heat you through the evening. If you are using it inside your tent then no worries. It has an automatic detector for low oxygen levels and will shut off in case it is using too much of the oxygen inside.

5. Oldelf Outdoor Sports Mask

This simple and utilitarian product covers you in the current COVID-19 situation as well as against the cold bursts of the wind. This outdoor mask is made out of fleece to keep your head, mouth, and neck warm. You can use it in whatever way you like and still look trendy and fashionable.

I don’t know why but somehow I recall Alan Walker wearing it as well :/

6. Randy Sun Waterproof Socks

Going skiing or fishing? What would you do if water and snow get into your shoes? We’d never want it to happen but what if it does? Waterproof socks are a must. Made out of Porelle and Coolmax fabric, it sucks your sweat out and prevents any water outside to enter. Don’t hesitate to go a little into the river to get the fish you just caught.

7. Karacel Hand Warmers

Keeping hands warm is necessary and gloves are simply not enough in -15o C. These Karacel Hand warmer can be your companion. Being small and compact, they easily fit into your pocket and you can even charge your smartphone with it. Karacel hand warmer makes sure you don’t give someone a shiver when you shake hands, although handshakes are a little taboo these days but never mind, at least you can touch your own face easily.

8. Survival Tent

So, you went into the woods for an afternoon and it has begun to snow now and there is no way you can get out. How do you camp in winter without dying in such a place? Keep ‘Don’t Die in the Woods’ Ultralight Survival Tent’ with you whenever you go out. You’d be lucky if you had one of these. Each two-person tent is very easy to set up. Just run the cord through the center tie each end to a tree, all done.

Made out of NASA-designed Mylar, this survival tent ensures all your body heat stays in and all the water and snow from the wild stays out. Double-check that you have one of these before you go camping.

9. Electric Heating Gloves

You are out skiing in something -200 C. You need to make sure your hands do not get stiff so you can keep enjoying your adventure. These Rechargeable Electric Heating Gloves are made for you. Powered by AA batteries, these heating gloves have electric heating pads that keep both sides of your hands warm. These not only heat you from the inside, they are waterproof from the outside due to the spandex fabric. Can you use your smartphone with gloves on? Absolutely yes! They have conductive tips so you have no problem using your iPhone or iPad or any other gadget for that sake.

10. Luwint Folding Umbrella Hat

Out trekking with all the camping gear on your back and it starts raining. You don’t always have trees to shade you.
The Luwint 36’Umbrella Hat shades your body as well as any bags you may be carrying. Wear it on your head and keep moving. No snow or rain or bad weather can stop you from completing your trek.
Of course, you could have an umbrella but will your hands be empty enough to hold it? And even if they were, I don’t think you’d take them out for frostbite.

11. Coleman Gas Camping Stove

Food is important on every camping trip and you can’t make do with prepared food you took along for more than a couple of days. Coleman Gas Camping stove is specially designed to suit your needs. It is fueled by propane and has two burners so you can easily make eggs and tea at the same time.
Unlike normal stoves, it has windshields on three sides so the fire doesn’t go out with the wind. It comes with a precise pressure control system and a 3-year warranty to make up for any deficiencies.

12. Wacaco Minipresso GR

Coffee is a must in the snow. No, not only if you are in a romantic mood, but also because it helps you keep warm and composed. How do you get coffee out in the wild?
No worries. Wacaco Minipressor GR can do the job. Put the coffee beans in the filter half and boiling water in the cup. Press a few times to extract the contents from the beans and there you are!
Perfect coffee of your choice ready in a few minutes.
Wacaco Minipresso is very light to carry and equal to the size of a water bottle so you do not have to think about all the extra space it will need.

13. Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers

Zippo Refillable Hand warmers are a good thing even if you are not on a camping trip. Surely, they have increased utility out in the wild. Refillable hand warmers come in a sleek design with anti-spill buckets so you can keep your hands warm both in the ice-hockey game and out on the snowy trip.

Keep following us for more useful articles like these. Have something to add to the list or share what you think about it, do comment below. We are impatient to hear from you. 😊

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